Junkie Bard- 1

Oh, I want to stuff my head
full of poppy flowers
so I can drift the gutters
and float away for hours

Oh, I’d love to smile from above
some mountaintop of bliss
and rollick in the meadows
of your unforgiving kiss

My mind gets devoured by a yearning
for a flower- full of nectar & numb young love

Oh, to forget this fire & brimstone
that’s inside of my soul
my mind is tired & old
the pulse is gone, the meat is cold

Oh, I long to embalm my veins
with a white Chinese train
so I can dance the darling dope waltz ag-ain,
but it’ll never fully relieve me, all pain remains

Sew my field with poppy seeds
so I can be like Dorothy
and take a nap where I wanna sleep

Oh, I wanna go home
I’m much too tired to roam
so promise me one more hit
before I fall off of this throne

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