Where am I? ( …disclaimers…)

I’m not sure where you are,
but I’m currently reporting
from Oregon.

I am 26 years in this body
born under a Gemini sun

I am on the verge of
homelessness, but I am freed
I choose to live like a vagabond,
when it chooses me.

I am gratefully dedicated
to this craft,
it cleans my soul up
and allows me a bulletin board
where I can tack up scraps
of my heart, soul, and psyche

I’ve been keeping notes from several years

depraved hustling
Grateful Dead fellowship
chemical experimentation
paranoid breakdown
intellectual breakthrough
intellectual dissolution into pure awareness
chemical dependency
dangerous habit upkeep
near-death experience
in-patient rehabilitation
12-Step Fellowship
sober living
chemical deprivation
spiritual breakthrough
deep jungle exploration
plant-medicine experimentation
medicine farming
vagabond traveling
pursuits and practices of freedom and enlightenment

So here it is,
unfolding slowly.
If nobody cares,
please know that
neither did I.
I’ll still love you
just the same.

I’ll try to keep it organized.
I will likely fail.
I’m still learning about this platform.

It will be fun.
It will be uncomfortable.
It will be weird.

Please criticize
ruthlessly, and
I have lizard skin;
you couldn’t hurt me
more than I could.

Visit gofundme.com/witchdrmedicine to help me avoid homelessness,
and to live by a desk and bookshelf
for a little while longer.

May Jerry and the Holy Papa have mercy on our souls.

-Simon Cape, W.D. (Witch Doctor)
-Jon D Rapp, V.W. (Vagrant Writer)

Spare me the existentialism, Charlie Brown.

© Jon D Rapp and WitchDoctors Medicine, 2014 ’til infinity. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of these writings without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Jon D Rapp with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

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The Pictures aren’t mine, they’re just for fun.
The text is considered “licensed”.

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One thought on “Where am I? ( …disclaimers…)

  1. rob

    hey guy..Its me.. the alien man..Hope all is well..Rob

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