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Not a Virus

Whispering love upon the wind
no mouth calls upon deaf ears
I find myself here, under broken moons
talking too much, speaking too soon
wondering where they all go
after wandering astray?
am I my brothers keeper
or is he just my CEO?
Higher reasoning doesn’t sell much anymore
everyone wants gritty contentment
and salary assurance, freedom from fear
love makes for a nice soundtrack
sipping bourbon, sipping scotch
she fades away into complacency
‘cus nobody wants to watch their roses wilt
I can’t forget what I don’t understand
no turn goes unstoned while I’m here
roll these papers up and toss ’em to the fire
hoping some will get the smoke they need
and others will find the peace to bleed
open eyes see open wounds,
I am the air on your blood
I am contagious

but not a virus

i’m sorry, too

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