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Alpha Beta Questions

Extroverted pick-up artists: have you found a lasting satisfaction? 
Introverted closet-freaks: does self-imposed monogamy have you wondering “what if?” 
Alpha-humans: are there enough notches on your bedpost? have you found a peak that is high enough? Do you cherish the memories of past triumph and mourn their passing? Are you living a legacy or leaving it?
Beta-humans: Do you accept your current conditions? Do you feel that quality overrides quantity? Do you find yourself settling for any vista the mountain has to offer while others climb to the peak? Does competition leave you feeling defeated? How do you compensate?
Free-thinkers: do you feel that these concepts undermine your innate liberated state? Recognizing that something small can only exist beside something tall & someone loses only when another wins, how do you maintain your detached balance?

(Warning: mundane philosophical observations ahead)
There is no virtue in demonstrating competition. 

Practice is akin to a sharpening stone.

True competition is born from necessity. 

Only the resilient & adaptable will endure true competition.
Whether you fuck for sport or fondle for love, fight for glory or kill to survive, we all experience victory and defeat. 
In this way, our experiences are uniquely bonded: the predator and the victim are one as “all life feeds on life to live.” 
As physical beings, we fuck & fight our way through time ’til death while a weird starry-eyed serpent chokes down its own tail.

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What? (Asking questions out loud & answering them) {in progress]

What is life?

A dialogue between the immutable and the transmutable.

if reality is a song heard on multiple sensory levels, life is the dance between time & space

Life: a pithy, cyclical joke (the snake is laughing with a mouthful of its own tail)

life requires a healthy resistance of death

begins & often ends in blood

Evolution gives way to awareness, awareness grows into self-awareness, and conscious awareness is born.
A search for physical meaning, (an ultimate theory), continues.

Life is, with & without you or I.

What is American society?

a battle between acceptance & rejection; between progress & destruction, between enlightenment & ignorance

the decision is handed down: choose the distraction you favor most & make it a career
(hopefully it’s something meaningful & helpful)
or else fall beneath layers of debt and continuum rejection, in some convoluted search for personal freedom
(the game was rigged)
we face opposition either way,
between commerce & competition, passive retaliation & all-out renunciation,
there are no easy roads.

Where does this inner sense of anxiety come from???
Leftover conditioning, organism-level cognitive dissonance, individual-level chemical imbalance… to name a few.
This conditioning prevails among our institutions; if they don’t fit in, rule ’em out.
This helps to keep us focused upon the original line of commerce-based continuity: progressive material expansion at all costs
(as if no deviation from the plot exists, we get the story beat into or heads and we are expected to fulfill its conclusion)
If our grandfathers are shaking their heads, I am also shaking mine.
The insidious arrogance in which this nation was founded!
*sigh of contempt*
good grief, what disgrace we dearly deserve for our Earthly dishonor.
We’ve been lead into ignorance by a manipulative prose (legal & religious language), decidedly so,
even our agriculture is wandering into the same confusingly specialized territory!
How simple a concept, HUMAN GOVERNMENT, yet it still eludes the layman after so many civilized years.
Before long, FARMING, may suffer a similar fate of ideological/methodological decay.

a choice comes suddenly: to be or not to be; to work or not to work

opt in or opt out…
does one meet the expectations of society
even though the society denies the ultimate existence of One?

(Well, is it one or One?
What is the difference?
Capital letters.)

do I get a job to feed the machine against my own will,
accepting the guilt and responsibility for keeping this moving?
(Our government & institutions are not much different than A.I. at this point;
human perspective has been largely sacrificed to further a human machine)

or do I exist on the fringes, self-aware and freed to my own way, evolution’s way, or God’s way?

does it make sense to continue driving the car at night, even though the headlights are broken and it’s almost out of gas?
Do my hyperbolic, one-sided questions satisfy the rebel within you?
Is that all this is,
All this angst I feel?
Is it simple teenage rebellion, lingering still after a decade?
Is it just a passing faze, or is it real passion?

“Loyalty to your country always.
Loyalty to your government when it deserves it.” -Mark Twain

Why do I feel the need to ask these questions out loud?

If there a little of you inside me, and a little of me in you?
Where does our consciousness overlap?
Beyond my own head…
the concept of me, of “other”, starts within your mind.
Convince me I exist.

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