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A Quest for Social Workers & Nomadic Recognition

I am a home-less recovering opiate addict.
I have been clean from heroin for over a year.
I have been living a nomadic lifestyle for the last 4 years.
I reject the rental institution for all its needless bureaucracy & inevitable entanglement. Paying rent and contributing to the degradation of our natural habitat (Earth) is something I try to avoid at no cost.
I hold no resentments against those who choose to live indoors. I simply choose not to. I prefer waking up outside; I become easily depressed with long periods of separation from nature. As a part of my healing process, I live a nomadic lifestyle. It helps to keep me honest & clean.
I’ve had a small handful of rehabilitation counselors who acknowledge this as a valid lifestyle choice. Most of them did not take me seriously, and would deny my right to live unencumbered, attempting to sell me false notions of security.
Unfortunately, contemporary western society does not observe the nomadic way of life, even though it has been a part of the human tradition for thousands of years.
American nomads are viewed & treated like homeless riff-raff in every city or town we pass through. People are wary of us even though I am always my way to the woods. I seek to bother no one. I have no desire to stay & clutter city streets. The city has nothing to offer me anymore. I see it as orchestrated rubble. Perhaps the general outline of fear comes from the mere representation that we create, that their lives are no more concrete or solidified than ours, their happiness no less whimsical than ours.
Yet I still feel the presence of fear, judgement, and overall separation.
Because I am living out of a backpack, I must be damaged or psychotic.
Because I sleep outside I must be running from something or someone.
Because I wander the world, I must have no home.
These ideas are broken. Let’s fix them together.
I am reaching out to all activists and social workers. Can help others like myself in finding acknowledgement for this alternative style of living?
I strongly feel that it needs to be recognized and supported for those who choose not to be domesticated.
I do no harm, but I take no shit.
Nomads need representation. We are not victims to society, we are boldly walking our own path. I’ll live while alive and I’ll die while dead.
Thank you.
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