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Soggy Remembrances

Fancy fellows follow one another, loaning lends to fires

Trend-setting jet-flying media-spying buyers

Swipe past faces, judgement erases complacency

What else can you do when you won’t let anyone know you?

synchronistic synapses siphon subjects

Typhoons lampoon typewriters, crescendoing nonsense 

following short punchlines with long cigarettes

That ship called “Friend” has sailed

What can you do when all the drunken sailors sober up?

The captain has a cap in captions, shafting daily rations

“Wise cracks will be met with a blithe smack

until the quality of labor improves!”

Stowed away until further notice,

Can’t follow tracks left in murky waters

Trace nothing in the shallows, undulating wellness pervades

Salty suits soiled in semen sing of soggy remembrances

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narcissism (hopefully) abandoned

I am unknowable!
as there is no limit to the depths of boundless space
forever, I remain a mystery to myself
this is alright with me;
myself & I
give up / give away
don’t expect me to be ANYTHING
it is enough to be at peace
than alternately craving more
and let down for less

Full Circle
swallowed whole

I am content to be alive

whether staying in a cardboard box
or a mansion

if you don’t accept me
as I am right now
than you are not my family,
you are my undertaker
under guise of motivator
if you think you know me,
stop thinking
if you think you know yourself,

breathe & change
birth is imminent
death is imminent
it’s going to be okay


I love you.

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The Unanswered Mind

brains are being destroyed
by sandpaper winds holdingĀ undesirable thought

ruptured soul
tears evacuate
levee breaks

third eye hole
raw from wiping

baby powder down the hatch
*insert powdered narcotic here*
we both know it can’t provide relief

wait in silence
stare down ceilings

holding space
nothing explains
that nagging feeling

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