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Green Mountain, Grey Mountain

Sparrows & jays eat scraps of seed, competing for little. 
So much space to contemplate, gazing through the chilly blue expanse, ducking & curling around fiery autumn hills.

Between birches & berry brambles, a voice calls & comforts me, 

pulling homeward and bound to nowhere. 

I’d like to sit here all day and count leaves.

Family trees, friend trees, lover trees, enemy trees,falling bodies enrich fallow gardens.

Icy winds rip through, 

leaves everything bare;

Nothing stands past death.
Smiling near while some are far,

Gladly talking, taking time to notice 

one another.

If I missed you, I miss you, 

We’ll use a leaf as a tissue.
Sappy as the sweet shit that flows through maple trees, 

cool as a spring trickle 

whispering soft & serene, 

selling us peace at the cost of time.

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Fall Trimmings

Life is scissors; I am the bud
as time is a razor, my thoughts are resin caked upon the blade
roll me up, smoke and
a falling dance
met with vacant eyes,
an intrepid gaze
’round we go: spin, snip, sip, smile,
’til we rest on autumn ground
for a cool, cool while
like so many lazy leaves
that left their branches;

we sleep on comfortable beds
made from decay
while a green harvest makes for some damn good pay

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