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New Travel Blog (Family Friendly)

Hey folks, my girlfriend Sierra & I are sharing a run-of-the-mill travel blog with occasional absurdist episodes from Southeast Asia. So far, we’ve experienced the tourist side of Thailand and all it’s multi-faceted scams & schemes. Next up: The Golden Triangle, Laos, & Burma.

Stay tuned!

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Dinner in the Dark Greenhouse

He hands us each a plate
and we all commence slurping our spaghetti
against a pitter-patter drizzle
while tarps slide and sway with the wind
water runs between cracks in the ceiling

my shoulder is damp as I pass a spliff
to my side, smacking lips on a dark silhouette
the jack-o-lantern ember is removed from my hand

the fresh ganja in the air
reminds me of California
or better yet, Oregon
We are worldwide, tapped in on Kaua’i
somewhere between moss & moisture
mushroom minds thrive divine
as the Earth-brain grows, mycelium flows
we travel through networks and connections
bouncing from synapse to syntax

while tough hands harvest
small hands weave lei’s & ream shells
calm & contentedly focused on an old craft
we get paid or lei’d when we live this way

the puns escape a punter as his words come kicked
from some mouth with a strong foot
the blonde kid rambles & cries
he’s deluded and full of wine

but we love him and listen anyway
until I ask us all to shut up
we need grace
before, during, & after dinner
if you ask me

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