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Paranoia Problems #33

Smart phones have microphones.
Do they ever stop recording?
The NSA tracks everything I’ve ever entered here.
Does anyone look at it?

I speak in favor of nature.
I speak of disgust in human politics.
Could this perspective be misconstrued as radicalized anarchist doctrine?
When I think I’m saying serious things,
is somebody listening and laughing?

Oh, right.
Free speech.
I get it now.
If I were in Russia or China,
I’d be in an internment camp undergoing a process of ideological cleansing
(brain washing)
to put my half-assed apolitical ramblings under wraps.

I must enjoy the passive variety of soap
over the aggressive variety of soap.

Mainstream media is the sponge,
politics are hot water,
civilized society is a giant human bird bath.

Surf’s up everybody.

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