un-carving blocks

un-carving blocks

excuses while kissing air,
spell me a cryptic ode
to the resilient & quarrelsome mind

brief & honest omission

the only thing thinking ever gave me
was mental masturbation
and an existential migraine

it all adds up

numbers collect & disperse
decimals hold space for fractions;
dividing minds reduces peace

who can you count on?

predictability can’t exist in limitless space;
seeing beyond concepts of human reasoning,
reflections of understanding go beyond understanding

space saves all

i was lost beneath the sun
gave up trying to find anything
including my self

not thinking, there is no I

birds drift
waves cascade
sun fuses on

between things, I am scattered throughout

i leave thinking
for heads
believing nuts crack themselves

share the way

for the brave, insane, the wise, and the few who
cannot know me and cannot know you;
imaginary lines live nowhere

lost and found

a writer’s block come whole
shavings in place
i was never there


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