Headline News

headline news
Preacher eats his own shoes and fucks off
to somewhere warm with pink nipples and tangerine umbrellas,
take me somewhere the sunshine tastes like smog
and the painkillers come in small boxes, ha ha…
I chase little things around
no more!
it’s the biggest Love that I adore,
smack can’t paint over this Cheshire Cat smile,
no, I’ve sure been waiting here awhile
I have more meaning than muster,
so give me that cheap buddhist punchline
I’ll order a hotdog with every condiment upon it,
give it to a panhandler, smear his dollars with mustard and onions
while I relish the small facts and facets of this rusty diamond ring life,
it came from my mothers box of heirlooms
but my grandfather,
the Old Clock went senile
and lost it on his tocking way home from the safety deposit box,
I’d give it to you but you can’t have what time stole,
easy come and easy does it,
get the fuck up or get the fuck on with it,
I wish I had an easy answer for you but I don’t,
so let me tie these laces into a noose
and I’ll tell ya to hang in there
before I crack a smile and give you a bear hug;
I’ll never eat your soul,
I’d rather starve and let you eat mine;
I got enough to go around.
Come at me already.
oh dearly departed,
i fucking love you.

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