Drug Riddle Haiku Assembly

six million ways
laying dead in the gutter
chasing highs, choose one

cannabis products

delivery comes
while i spin a slow number
what’s new on netflix?

water seems cleaner
and this tube snarls meaner
we cough to get off

honey-bear laughing
vaping sticky shattered jars
memory dissipates


research chemicals

mmm, alphabet soup
too see or not to see I;
to see: be. nevermind

shulgin made it big
mckenna said “hang up the phone”
when the message is heard

street pharmacists and
head-shop peddlers working
to stay off schedule


club drugs

bass beneath my feet
give me euphoria now
i think i love you

this girl, i follow
her name dances diamonds
over molecules

weird and gone, race is on
tranquil horses, settle down;
rabbit chases hole


nitrous oxide

jokes are funnier
if you’re already laughing
what was the punchline?

puzzles unravel
I forget where I am now
where is everyone?

I think I got it
I finally figured it out
can I buy one more?



flutter butterfly
oh moths of darkness and light
where do you come from?

dreaming of sleeping
i am removed from this body
and scattered skyward

to see or to be
between me and the universe,
nothing left to say



trails lead everywhere
no beginning and no end
ride the lightning home

friend and foe contained
inside of tough painted squares
home-spun concentric

new school or old school
you can always prank pranksters
one heart is laughing



two ice cubes, one hand
hair on your chest, be a man
emotions seem solved

after work, two tall
driving home, empty stomach
six more for dinner

3am, shaking leaves
wind blows all troubles my way
gin on the nightstand



friday night bar hop
cards scratch surface, dollar follows
i like how it smells

aluminum tray
flame chases powder away
dull side looking up

boots stomp stairs, blinds close
water plus soda, spoon cracked
liberty bell rung


awake to despair
doctor gave me white ladders
now heartache can’t climb

rattle snake venom
seems so coy compared with these
found a new disease

fun to get on ’em
hell to get off, wheels of the bus
going ’round and ’round



kill the aches pronto
save face by shaving it down
hose clamp those problems

red hot barrel aimed
dirty shooting, popped balloons
falling down, eyes shot

wellness, state of mind
little orange listerine
makes it all better


miners blues, dark caves
hours spent digging deep holes
looking for crystal

fist clenched tight, dim light
twisting the globe ’round the world
who needs sleep with this?

bugs buzz in my ears
taking apart radios
i can fix it



fuck me, it’s over
continually dying
I’m a better nurse

don’t sell me God, please
I don’t want pink clouds or pepto
let me shit in peace

maintenance my ass,
roommate is nodding out while
my nose is running



“it works so work it”
giving me coins and key tags
cheap sense of reward

yeah, they’re kinda right
I heard my story again
I’ll do anything

freedom from suffering
one day at a time for now
tomorrow is dead



reflections of mind
gratefully clean for some time
pause to rewind

remember the joy
remember the sorrow, live for today
coins can’t buy your time

my name is no name
I’m an addict: clean serene.
it sure wasn’t me.

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