LOVEITALL ®, the Original Prescription Pain Relief

Hey, Hey, junkies, pillheads, tweakers, crackheads & drunks!
Do you feel a sense of discomfort, deep down within you?
Do thoughts of impending doom persist upon your dreams?
Does your mind prevent you from being still?
Do you have a strong aversion to different types of pain?
I have amazing news for you!
Pain is one of the greatest teachers available.
Buy your relief cheap, today!
For two easy payments, you can accept your suffering now!
It costs:
* Your concepts of material ownership (not the material itself)
* Your attachment to self & suffering (not the physical body)
* Your blood, sweat, & tears (non-refundable)
Get off those wimpy painkillers & apply a true method of pain relief using:
The surgical steel of ferocious-compassionate self-observation & honesty. Use it to remove all traces of pain and replace that pesky sensation with an all-pervading sense of learning & rightness.
The real smack:
Uncle Sam wants you strung out.
Jails, rehabs, death; you’re playing into his pocket.
Is that really what you wish to represent,
some misguided sense of passive suicidal rebellion?
Get yourself strong today, or die trying!
The force that is natural selection will accept nothing less.
This message brought to you by:
LOVEITALL ®, the Original Prescription Pain Relief
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