Understanding the Illusion of Financial Success

(Dispelling rationalized financial iniquity)
To understand is not to physically renounce our possessions; to go be poor.

To understand is to release the attachment to status & wealth, and to see how it is not serving our highest interests & the interests of this whole planetary ecosystem.

To understand is to realize we are rich with & without material.

To whom does wealth really belong?
It belongs to us all just as this Earth belongs to itself.
No man is ineligible to earn money if he seeks it.

Material wealth is man-made.
Man is not material-made.
Earth is universe-created.
The universe is not Earth-created.
We call ourselves human.
Which is to say that our lives are a collective human experience as it relates to the external world.

Before our salaries, we belong to nature.
This nature is not just the trees in the forest, it is also human nature.
We all decide what exactly this is by means of convention & true understanding from within.
To forget this is to suffer a great loss of self.
To understand true wealth is to acknowledge the ties that bind and cut them.

I think we know how to be happy with no money, therefore we should be able to remain happy with money.
To understand this is to become independent of wealth.
Through understanding, we become independent of greed.

This is important because it helps us realize the difference between money & happiness.
Happiness is unlimited, money is not.
Suffering is unlimited, money is not.
For one to prosper over another creates entitlement & competition.
Can we honestly say that these attitudes have made the world a better place?
Does money make the sun shine better?
Does material wealth make the grass grow greener?
To understand is not to develop a pro-mentality or an anti-mentality.
We get it how we live!

To understand is to break the illusion of relative success.
There is no such thing as success apart from our invention of it.
This does not necessarily mean dispel the concept of success.
It is a call to look deeply into the differences between individual success & collaborative success.

What is the difference between one winning and one losing?
They feed different aspects of loss & gain, playing the same game.

We are either happy, we are suffering, or we have transcended both.
By all means, we go out and play the games of civilized living, but always we always know in our hearts that these games will come to an end.
It will hurt our hands to have things ripped away.
If we cling to nothing, we inherit everything.

This is not religion.
This is not spirituality.
This is understanding.

I love us all & I trust we can always love & forgive ourselves at the moment of our choosing.
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