Mad is the man who merges ways with the sea/ Brave is the man who drowns his own madness

Consider me a drifting boomerang,
called to and fro,
tossed around in the wash
with salty trade winds
juxtaposed by dusty highway gusts
I’ve become driftwood
decomposing, melting apart
I have moss in my teeth
and barnacles on my butt
from floating here, missing you
crusty shell of some young body,
battered by my own device,
I am bruised before the beast named “Me”
forever wounded, I heal eternally.
Find me a counterpart,
find me an enemy.
Seek me a lover,
seek me a ghost.
Wait here alone,
I’ll be right back.
I’ve been the mind!
it left me bitter.
I’ve been the heart!
it made me soft.
I’ve been the void!
I am empty
as a floater in your eye
I am gliding by,
always gliding by
harmony rides upon oxygen
fire eats air,
water carries life,
silence informs sound,
while bubbles float & pop
I am still here, humming
nothing sings so soft, sweet, & somber
as the sigh of our Mother Ocean,
compassionate caregiver,
inhale/exhale, take/give, high/low,
singing without words,
“I love you. I’ll always feed you.
I admire you, you’ll always have shelter through me.
I made you, I will call you back when it’s time.”
Home, sweet home.
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