America Rant #1

Fuck you.

I love you.

Geographically speaking, I’m from the East Coast.
New England, specifically. It’s frosty over there.
The kids cope with cold through liquor & dope. The usual.
Don’t act so surprised! They got that habit from your parents.
Don’t believe me? C’mon, let’s take a walk through the park.
No, I’m not here to blow your mind on some shock-and-awe content ejaculation.
I’m here to talk about what’s bothering me. Listen up or leave off.

I hear a lot of blame directed at the poor.
They are lazy. They live off the middle class. May be true, may be false. So… who created this system?
How are y’all gonna question social welfare before corporate welfare?
Do you know where all that money goes?
I’ll give a hint: they both end up on the block; one sells pills & one sells bundles.

Fuck you.
I love you.

Man, we’ve been walkin’ these same God lovin’ city blocks since Sodom and Gomorrah. Oh Babylon, you beautiful bitch, you’re always headed to rubble; always burning.
Nothing has changed! It’s always been you & me.
I sat under that Bodhi tree for seven days; wept for five.
I was there when they nailed you to wood. Remember?
Here we are again. I’m still standing.
Every-here, it’s the same houses. Same city. Same conflict. Same lie.
The only new things are the bricks and the names.

See, I have this bad taste in my mouth from everything.
This town, this city, this so-called “park”. It’s all trash.
Don’t believe me? Then what is it made of?
What happens when nobody comes around to upkeep it?
The water is dead. The air is dead. The earth is paved over.
We don’t build fires anymore.
No elemental contact. What is it that makes us human today?
What is it that separates us from the animals?
It’s not technology & ingenuity, no no, don’t you dare take credit for another mans invention. If you can’t own the bad shit, then you can’t take credit for the good shit! It doesn’t work that way.
A trick answer: we are the animals.
We are not separate; we go to great lengths trying to convince ourselves otherwise. Nothing is independent.

Fuck you.
I love you.

Hey man, don’t get upset, this is my home too. I did this too.
I love it here. All of it.
The whimsical whine of the train as it creases its way through city skyline folds.
That look of lusty love in her eyes with that yoga-pants butt bouncing down the concrete steps.
Damn, I love it!
Even the gore; the man with a mask, deranged smile in his dark eyes as he saws through the connective tissue in my neck bones. I scream every time.

“Yeah, I held the knife. He is infidel. I had to.”

“Yeah man, I was just working on the war story. I was going big ’til I lost my head off that last scoop!”

Fuck you.
I love you.

Be-headings are real old school man, don’t believe the hype!
That shit’s been around since before the block was square.
Same with riots. You think Baltimore invented that trick?
Hell no!
We learned how to bust a block down before there ever was a town to rip up. We’ve been bad since before Genghis Kahn was raping Taoist Nuns.
We’ve been slangin’, hangin’, and bangin’ since we all had one area code: Pangea.
It’s a human thing.
It’s not a motherland thing. It’s a Gaia thing.
Fire eat wood; cosmic snake swallows tail; as we slay we nourish.
Yeah, I’m going to spit some hippie shit.
This is a whole planetary organism, Gaia, Planet Earth,
capable of omniscient sentience, an aspect of universal self-awareness that is our legacy.
It is the logical arrival of consciousness; to know until there is no more knowing.
We get a piece of this planet but we recently took more than our share.

Where am I from? Right here.
After that distinction, I’m from Planet Earth.
After that, I’m from space,
made up of the same stuff as brain sharts & star sex.
Before that… well shit, I’m nothing.

Now that I might have your attention,

Oh, right. You probably do.
Let’s re-examine the “problem”.
So… there is a group of radicalized religious zealots.
Okay. They’re killing anyone outside their belief system.
And they are taking the whole planet over!
Woah, woah, woah, what you mean, guy?
They’re having six wives with six kids each,
and they’re training to shoot us down.
Hmm. Sounds scary.

But, you know what’s real scary?
I can’t sleep.
Here’s why,
some 300 years ago, a bunch of Pirates dressed like Pilgrims packed up shop in England and hit the open seas.
They went under the classic guise of “fleeing religious persecution”, but the whole thing was funded by a sense of material conquest, i.e. escaping financial persecution.
The top English bulldog got too fat & heavy from eating most of the food so a few scrappy mutts crossed the railroad tracks & tangled with some Natives to eat their own.
They carried the same habits as the Bulldogs.
Okay, I realize a few of these dogs were loyal, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still dogs. Dirty ones at that.
They forgot their original home along with their original religion & went seeking a master in some Anthropomorphic Deity, aka “God”.
Thomas Jefferson, bless his heart, may have been the only clearly realized individual in the whole cabinet.
This “God” guy gave them a permission slip to slit redskin throats and take whatever they wanted under the pretext of “civility”, “political correctness”, and “manifest destiny”.
Their efforts to domesticate the seemingly wild native were in vein. The native rage has merely been placated. Don’t believe me? Check out a State Penitentiary in Montana.

With free license to expand unchecked, we quickly boxed ourselves in.
Agricultural waste pollutes the rivers, factories pollute the skies, garbage barges drop shit in the ocean. The seals are slicked in oil. You see where I’m going.

We’re all hopped up on Muslim Haterade because we can’t even take a fucking look at ourselves?
Our home is dying. The largest threat to National Security is ourselves.
It’s that simple.

How do we stop? Right here, right now.
This computer. Plastic.
This phone. Plastic.
These shoes. Plastic.
That car. Plastic.
That fuel. Petroleum.
This shampoo. Petroleum.
This hash oil. Petroleum.

This is our home but we have to pay to be here? No.
It’s hard to break away from. It’s hard to break. It’s hard.
Dead dinosaurs are laughing at our extinction.
The Muslims aren’t killing us. We are killing ourselves.
And it’s not even global warming!
It’s simple toxins, EVERYWHERE. The pacific ocean is a prime example.
In the water, in the air, in our food.
Slowly we succumb to laziness, ignorance, & toxicity.

So, when are we gonna get together?
Unify all colors.
I mean ALL colors.
This is our heritage. This is our home.
This land belongs to all beings.
The lines in the sand mean nothing to the whole beach.
We can heal, but first we must see clearly.

Feel free to rip me to shreds now, you gang of scared-ass wolves.
Burn me down fast & I’ll rise again faster.
This isn’t war. This is love.
I’ve been here before. I see the fear in your heart.
I’ll never stop loving you.
No man, I’m not Jesus.
I’m just another motherfucker, caring from within.

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