I’ve seen throught the bullshit, man…

It’s so much easier to save money
when you’re technically home-less
with no overhead (literally)
I sleep better under the stars.

Paying rent and saving so you can travel is a trap!
(If you’re like me and have too many holes and too much fire in your pockets)

End your lease now!
Move to the nearest patch of national forest!
Hitch to town! Get a job!
Report to food banks! Go to Church lunches! Make lots of new friends!
You’ll be free in no time at all, I promise!

It’s our inalienable, God-given right
to find our own Sherwood Forest
to drink from the river
and eat from it, too!
Trusting that it hasn’t been poisoned
(the land with toxic water is no home of mine!)

And under the trees,
there ought to be plenty of fuel;
bountiful stocks of dry firewood
to cook and keep warm with

You can live like Robin Hood,
and take what’s yours!
Share it!

And when you’ve had enough of that,
get your ass on the road!
Live is too beautiful and too sweet to spend in labor
awaiting your great conception, even if it kills you

I don’t wait
for what tomorrow brings
‘cus tomorrow kills us all,
so I carry what I need
for today, alone

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