Thank You, Stranger

Not sure if you’ll see these words.

Maybe you’ll hear them indirectly,
perhaps it’ll ripple across the ether,
and play you a song.

Not all songs are beautiful.
Beauty is a subjective bitch.

To name something is to separate it
from ourselves.
Under this standing,
all becomes beautiful
& all becomes ugly.

When it comes to music,
which I believe to be the highest art form,
all life is dancing.
But who need know what I believe?
Belief is a humble elitist.

I report that which I perceive.
I cannot say I am able to separate
matters of soul from matters of psyche.
For all “we” know
about psyche and soul,
they may as well be interchangeable.

Words forget their own meaning
if you say them enough;
boundaries come lifted
as sense loses subjection
and grows into salience.

With that, I say
thank you, stranger.
Your donation makes it possible
for this to happen
as it nourishes my faith
in this experience.

“When everyone does better
everyone does better”,
I got that from a bumper sticker.
It seems to work
for me
and everyone.

I make it so
in the name of arbitrary humanity
and immaculate sensual misconception.
Cheers, brothers & sisters
the human family keeps me fed

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