Note to Self: Burned

You can be jealous,
it’s okay to admit it.
While you sit idly by,
glazed and unfocused,
watching friends travel to faraway lands.
You wish so badly,
that you could be there
and without care.

If your head is a mess today,
let it be that way.
It will not last forever.
If others post their enlightenment
and relinquish their achievements
to the social realms
let it be so.

Do not worry with petty dis-grace
Battle your contradiction!
Stray all focus inward!
Through futile efforts of avoidance,
you shall re-cognize yourself, again.
Is there competition at stake?
Or are you staked down by your own desire?

Damn kid, you oughta know better by now;
time to get the ole axe out.
Much remains to be chopped and burned
while this bonfire rolls
a-raging and a-smoking.

Flame dances atop the pyre.
An old headboard burns,
and my bookshelf is furious
at everything I’ve ever read & written
because it dies softly
to itself:

above, my life,
at last, it is bright!
The glass and metal contort among light,
through layers of ash and soot and coal
a bitter refuge for embers grown old,
always alive,
and tempered through heat
they sparkle as rubies, refusing defeat

Telling a tale, with no word to spare
of virtue & universe, both self-aware
through heat and heartache lay a burning glare
that fire won’t have, for its always been there.

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