Social Media: Death

What’s on your mind, Jon?
Dance or die; get on with it…
Facebook kinda sucks.

I exported my thoughts
& feelings; none shall remain.
I’ll explain it away

to feel empty from loss.
Any attempt at judgement brings
gavels to your door.

Framing hammers fall
upon the nails of friendship
through the coffin of custom.

And they’ll use, “I’m bored”
to mean ennui & apathy,
as I return to you:

A humble beginning
owes a humble end. Reap! Sew!
Feed the fearless changer

and find your angels
lost in blizzards of winter
’til spring re-minds us

of a thawing soul
lost in some toe-tag line-up
autopsy chamber.

Rest in paradise,
deceased friends & family;
your page reminds us.

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